Design Lightning Protection System

Designing an effective lightning protection system is a complex process, as the requirements vary for every building. Every installation must be a total solution that encompasses both structural lightning protection and electric systems protection.
The importance of designing a suitable system can't be over emphasised, as lightning contains massive amounts of electrical energy that can damage buildings and put lives at risk. A lightning discharge has been measured as having up to 200,000 amps of electrical energy, so even through it's of a short duration, it can cause destruction.

A direct strike on a building can cause injuries and even death to the occupants. In addition, the secondary effects of lightning - the high voltage spikes - can have equally devastating effects on the electronic systems inside the building. While structural lightning protection meets the needs of the building, protecting electronic systems is equally important. We will provide a reliable lightning protection scheme and utilise a total solution approach to ensure the complete protection of employees, the fabric of the building and the electronic systems inside.