Important of Surge Protection Device (SPD)

Important Of Surge Protection Device
Lightning strikes, or even electrical discharges resulting from nearby lightning, can cause damage and the seriousness of the consequences of that damage, are more real than ever before.Modern electronic systems are at risk:
IT & Data Center
Data Communication Network
Fire Alarm System
Barrier Gate , Intercom, CCTV Survelliance System
SMART Home System
Solar System, IR 4.0 Automation
All kind of Electrical / Electronic Devices
Loss of these systems would cripple industrial, commercial and government organisations alike.  The importance of electronic systems protection, often referred to as surge protection, is now defined in many standards including BS EN/IEC 62305 and BS 7671. Indeed, BS EN/IEC 62305 requires integrated structural and surge protection. In effect structural lightning protection can no longer be considered in isolation to the protection of electronic systems.