Lightning Protection Structures (Direct) vs. System (Indirect Strike)

Lightning strike is a natural phenomenon with potentially devastating effects and represents one of the important causes of deaths from environmental phenomena.  Almost every organ system may be affected as lightning current passes through the human body taking the shortest pathways between the contact points.

The fact that lightning can destroy both external structures and internal systems is often ignored until it is too late. However, the implementation of a comprehensive External (Structure) Lightning Protection System (LPS) can mitigate the risk of damage and disruption in both cases. An effective LPS not only protects roofs, walls, and other structural components from direct lightning strikes, but also shields electrical circuits, communications, process control systems, and other elements that are vulnerable to indirect strikes.
External (Direct) Lightning Protection System
  • To protect structural / building from lightning direct strikes
  • A direct strike on a building can cause fire, injuries and even death to the occupants.
  • Solution :  Lightning Protection System (Consists of copper tape, air terminal, earth rod etc)
Internal (Indirect) System Protection System
  • To protect Electrical/electronic devices from lightning secondary effects.
  • The secondary effects of lightning - the high voltage spikes can have equally devastating effects on the electronic systems inside the building.
  • Solution: Surge Protection Device (SPD)

31 Mar 2022